Same Day Cerec Crowns

Long lasting Cerec Crowns are the perfect solution for damaged teeth, allowing you to leave with a restored smile in just one appointment!

Same Day Cerec Crowns

Firstly, the dentist and nurse prepare the tooth that the crown will sit upon. Then they scan the tooth with an intra-oral camera that produces a digitalised model of the mouth. After this, the dentist can design the crown which is sent to the milling unit.

A solid block of porcelain that matches the shade of the patient’s teeth is placed in the unit, and once the dentist presses go, the machine shapes the porcelain block to the shape of the design. After approximately seven minutes, the machine finishes milling, and the crown is ready to be placed. This means they can be used for emergency patients too!

What makes Cerec Crowns different?

​So, you know that CEREC Crowns can be made all in one appointment, but what’s the difference between a CEREC Crown and a normal Lab Crown?


No sticky impressions… 


The magic of CEREC is that all measurements are taken digitally. Now for crowns, you’ll never have to take uncomfortable impressions again.


Less Waiting Time


CERECs can take a maximum of two appointments – one to prescribe you a crown, and one to shade match, create and fit. That’s it! And without the three to six week waiting time like normal crowns…


Strong & Long Lasting


CERECs are made from a biocompatible material. This means that it blends in with the other teeth, and mimics how they work. That means you can use them to crunch and chew with any food! CEREC crowns also have a longer lifetime, with some ranging up to 30 years of life…


Colour Match


With the same-day crown function at Calm & Gentle Dental Care Tonbridge, our dentists take the time to match the ceramic block to the shade of the other teeth in your mouth. They then paint and glaze the crown to make sure that no one could tell the difference – whether the crown is placed on your front tooth or your molar!


Fits Like a Glove!


Because the dentist takes detailed digital impressions and is able to make adjustments while you’re in the chair, CEREC crowns are completely custom-built for you. That’s why they should be comfortable and tailored to your mouth

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